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Christine Domenech

Christine Domenech

Senior Director of Development


Christine Domenech is the Senior Director of Development at FreedomWorks. A New Jersey native, Christine attended The College of New Jersey on a full academic scholarship, graduating magna cum laude with a degree in publishing that combined an emphasis on both technical writing skills and marketing savvy.

After the sharp decline of book publishing in America, Christine found that her writing and marketing skills lent themselves perfectly to a career in non-profit fundraising. She accepted an entry-level position with The Fund for American Studies, an international civic education organization that teaches students about individual liberty and personal responsibility, and soon became their Manager of Donor Relations. From there she decided to broaden her horizons and try her hand at social issues, heading the development department at Americans United for Life, the nation’s first pro-life law firm.

Today she has gathered all of her knowledge and experience and returned to her fiscal conservative roots, focusing on foundation and major donor fundraising. She lives on one of George Washington’s original farms in Alexandria, Virginia.