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100 Young Americans Campaign in Kentucky for Liberty

For most college students, last week was their official spring break. Typically, this means that students visited exotic locations, spent time at the beach or just relaxed and enjoyed a week long break from their studies. Not anymore. Nearly 100 college students volunteered to spend their entire spring break in Kentucky with the Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) to learn about valuable campaign skills and then they had to option to volunteer for the campaign of their choosing. Some of these students were native Kentuckians. Other students came from all over the country and all are concerned with the government intruding on individual liberty. These liberty loving young Americans expressed various reasons for being involved in YAL’s Spring Break in Kentucky.

According to the Ole Miss Young Americans for Liberty chapter,

We wanted to come to Spring Break in Kentucky in order to gain knowledge to further our ability to sell the concept of liberty to our fellow students at and around the University of Mississippi.

Alex Peterson, traveled all the way from the University of New Hampshire to participate in the YAL event,

I was interested in networking with other activists and supporting the cause of liberty. I participate in many forms of activism and wanted to experience political activism.

An overwhelming majority of these students support Rand Paul for Kentucky’s next Senator. This should come as no surprise. At the event, there were many soon-to-be college graduates that understand that the nation’s high unemployment rate disproportionally affects young people. These bright individuals realize that the so-called “stimulus” has failed and has only prolonged the current economic recession. Some students routinely chanted “end the fed!” The Federal Reserve, as these students see it, is responsible for the economic recession and high inflation. Understandably, they know that all young people do not wish to pay for health insurance and that liberty is violated if one is forced to buy it against their will. In addition, they realize that despite forcibly paying into social security, young people are very unlikely to receive any money from the broke system in the future. They are sick of Washington recklessly spending money with no regard and leaving their generation to pay the outrageous bills. Despite the uphill battle for liberty that these young Americans face in the current political climate, many are optimistic about 2010 candidates that represent their principles. Students, that chose to support Rand Paul, marched down Louisville chanting "Rand Paul Will Fix It All!"

All of the students attended an event organized by the the Federation of American Coal, Energy and Security, or FACES of Coal. Republican Senate candidates Rand Paul and Trey Grayson both gave a speech at this event claiming that the EPA's decision to block 49 coal mining applications in Kentucky was a poor decision. According to Louisville's Courier Journal,

Paul came with about 80 sign-toting supporters. In his speech, he denounced cap-and-trade regulations, called the EPA "an out-of-control regulatory agency'" and said "we must stop these fanatics" who advocate government action to combat global warming.

Grayson had fewer visible supporters at the rally and spoke only briefly. He said Democrats and Republicans needed to unite in support of the coal industry.

Below are pictures of the FACES of Coal event held in Jefferson square:

Rand Paul








Before the rally, any supporters of Rand Paul were invited to hear him speak at a nearby hotel. He spoke of his reasons for running as a Senator including his intentions to cut spending and lower taxes.


Mase Molina, a native Texan, chose to campaign for Rand Paul,

I support Rand Paul because he seems serious about fiscal responsibility.

Glade Bauman claimed that Rand Paul was the best candidate running for Senate in Kentucky,

Rand Paul is one of very few Republican candidates who will take the Constitution seriously. I appreciate his support for auditing the federal reverse, and the fact that he would absolutely not vote for a government bail out.

It was an honor to meet so many young people that were dedicated to the cause of liberty. It is inspiration to see students that chose to spend their spring break in Kentucky in hopes of helping to elect a candidate that will stand by their principles of limited government and individual liberty for all Americans.