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25-30 thousand meet on Capitol Hill to protest health care

Earlier today, FreedomWorks joined 25-35 thousand Americans gathered at the Capitol building to protest Nancy Pelosi's (D-Cali.) proposed takeover of the American health care system.  A mere two months after the historic 9/12 Taxpayer March, grassroots activists from across the country continued the fight to make their voices heard. 

Ironically, the press conference was held at the same location that Speaker Pelosi announced her 1,990 page health care reform bill only a week before.  This time, however, the event was open to the public and the crowd was made up of more than just hill staffers.  Among others, FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe and Director of Campaigns Brendan Steinhauser joined radio personality Mark Levin, actor John Voight and several members of the House GOP in addressing the crowd. 

After the event at the Capitol, we joined the protesters who crossed Independence Ave. and flooded into the House office buildings.  With thousands upon thousands of people attempting to make their way into the three buildings, we had to wait outside for nearly two hours.  Once inside, opponents of the proposed health care reform made clear to their Members of Congress their disdain for the bill.  

In an attempt to intimidate the enormous crowd gathered outside of Speaker Pelosi's office, over a dozen Capitol police officers were brought in.  That, however, did not prevent the hundred plus protesters in the hall from erupting with a "Kill the bill!" chant.

The press conference at the Capitol began at noon and when we left the House office buildings four hours later, there were still people waiting to get in.  As was the case with the town hall meetings over the summer and the 9/12 March in the fall, the American people once again joined together to send a clear message to Washington lawmakers:

We don't want government-run health care.


The crowd gathered outside of one of the House office buildings.


Crowd waiting outside of Cannon House office building.


Sign made for today's protest.


FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe addressing the crowd.


FreedomWorks Director of Campaigns Brendan Steinhauser addressing the crowd.


 25-30 thousand gathered.




Independence Ave was flooded with protesters.



Video of protesters outside of Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office.