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Press Release

Activists Storm D.C. to Demand Senate Action

Activists visited the White House to spread the message that they want Senate action on the Bush agenda.

Some of CSE’s best volunteer citizen activists from Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, Washington, and Utah took time out of their schedules to come to the nation’s capital to express their frustration with the Senate’s stone-walling and delay tactics. “Let’s Vote,” was the message sent to Senate office after Senate office.

Activists discussed the need to:

  • Make President Bush’s tax cuts permanent
  • Enact legislation to curb lawsuit abuse
  • Rein-in excessive government regulations
  • Accelerate the sluggish judicial confirmation process
    CSE activists met with ranking Republican member of the Senate Judiciary Committee Senator Orrin Hatch (R- UT).

    Over the three-day period, activists met with more than 19 key senators, dozens of representatives, and White House Associate Counsel Brad Berenson.

    They also conducted a rally outside the Federal Courthouse where the latest round in the Microsoft case is under way. Our activists:

  • Demanded an end to this frivolous lawsuit
  • Stated concern that the interests of Microsoft’s rivals are taking precedence over the interests of consumers
  • Demonstrated against the continuation of this baseless lawsuit, which threatens to undermine our nation’s economic recovery

    Our activists’ efforts were recognized by the National Journal.