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African Americans Respond to Claims of Racism At Tea Party Protests

Some members of the media and public figures have desperately attempted to label Americans that attend Tea Party protests as racists or neo-Nazis displaying swastikas.

Chris Matthews has asserted that only white people attend Tea Party protests,

They’re monochromatic, right? … every picture I see shows them to be … they’re all white. All of them, every single one of them is white.

Keith Olbermann who claimed that the heart of the Tea Party Movement is racist, asked,

Where are the black faces?

During the Tax Day Tea Party protest in Washington DC, Nathanial Alexander Stuart spoke to a number of African Americans in the crowd,

Below are some responses that the African Americans attendees gave when asked to respond to claims that the Tea Party is racist:

 I’m out here with my family Tea Party people Democrats, Republicans, Independents to number one save our country, it’s not that we hate the President, it’s not that we hate the Democrats but we love our country. We love our children and we need everyone in the whole United States of America to understand why we are doing what we are doing. We’re allowed to have a voice.

It’s ridiculous, I mean this whole thing with all the racism is just ridiculous. I’m tired of it. I get home and I get infuriated, how can they keep on talking about black this… I mean if I’m against his policies, am I prejudice?

The circles that I travel in include black people, white people but specifically black people that believe in truth, that believe in the same freedoms that I believe in. They just don’t choose to show that on television they choose to show all those people that agree with their standpoint and their opinion.

No one is scared of the President for any reason. The color of his skin is no reason for people to fear him. What we fear is lost of liberty. What we fear is our rights being taken away.

His color has nothing to do with it. Again, people see that freedom is being lost. If they’re afraid of anything that’s it. It doesn’t matter what color he is.