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Press Release

Alabama CSE Activists Storm the Capitol to Fight for Less Government, Lower Taxes and More Freedom


The third annual Alabama CSE “Day at the Capitol” was held on May 15, 2001. More than 150 individual grassroots activists from all over the state made the trek to Montgomery to lobby their state legislators and promote the need for civil justice reform, school choice, common-sense environmental policy, affordable health care, and tax cuts.

Alabama Lt. Governor Steve Windom addresses Alabama CSE
activists at the tax rally outside the State House building.

Alabama CSE (AL CSE) Director Twinkle Andress commented: “Our activists enjoyed a day that was filled with a rally, guest speakers, press conferences, lobby visits, and activist training seminars. Government goes to those who show up, and AL CSE activists showed up to make a difference in Montgomery.”

More than 150 volunteer grassroots activists
attended Alabama CSE’s "Day at the Capitol."

Amidst a fury of 150 volunteer activists from AL CSE, Lt. Gov. Steve Windom (R) and Uncle Sam led cheers and chants calling for tax cuts in front of the Alabama State House (see picture to left). The rally was also attended by four state senators and two state representatives, and was covered by five major media outlets.

CSE’s Sharkman and the illustrious “Regis Cheatum” of the firm Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe, performed the “Who Wants to be a Trial Lawyer Billionaire?” game show. Highlighting to our activists the inefficiencies of the current civil justice system and how it undermines personal responsibility.