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Press Release

Alabama CSE Grows Through ‘Pork Projects’


Montgomery, AL - Alabama Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) is engaging in pork politics. Is Alabama CSE endorsing big government spending? Not at all.

Nearly 300 people recently attended a barbecue in Madison County, the third in a series being organized around the state by Alabama CSE. Pork barbeque get-togethers are a time-honored part of Alabama’s social fabric. Alabama CSE has been speaking the common language of barbeque and free-market policies confirming the axiom "all politics is local."

The crowd of nearly 300 listens intently
to a speaker during the barbecue.

Alabama CSE has organized a series of 13 barbecues in key areas around the state to educate Alabamians on the importance of free-market issues. The barbecues are the foundation of Alabama CSE’s education efforts to ensure upcoming elections are about less government, lower taxes, and more freedom. The barbecues serve as an innovative recruiting tool for Alabama CSE which relies on the strength of its grassroots membership to effect policy change. Most who attended the barbeques share a desire for lower taxes, less government, and more freedom and came away from the events with the belief that, through Alabama CSE, they can make a real difference in working toward those goals.

Alabama Lt. Gov. Steve Windom chats with Alabama CSE activists at
the Alabama CSE barbecue in Madison County.

Initially, the barbeques were expected to draw modest crowds of perhaps 40 people. More than 100 people showed up at the first barbeque in Cullman County and 200 participants turned out in Enterprise. When 300 enthusiastic citizens came to the barbeque in Madison County, Alabama CSE knew for certain that they were really onto something. The Huntsville Times recognized that something significant was taking place as well, and printed an in-depth feature on the Madison County event.

The summer barbeques in Alabama are representative of CSE’s efforts throughout the nation to grow its grassroots at the local level in ways that are relevant to the lives of the people who live there. In Alabama, we’re showing the importance of organizing early and educating citizens so that come election day, Alabama CSE and its activists can be heard.