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Press Release

Alabama CSE Patriots Rally at the Capitol to Sweep it Clean of Government Waste and Corruption


Montgomery, AL – Demanding less government, taxes, corruption, and waste from their state legislators, more than 100 dedicated Alabama Citizens for a Sound Economy activists – our modern-day patriots – descended on the capitol to fight for lower taxes, less government and more freedom.

Our patriots, dedicated to the vision our Founding Fathers had for America, mobilized to change the status quo in Montgomery. They came to the capitol knowing that the only way to preserve our liberty and freedom, and our belief in limited government is through citizen action. CSE Day at the Capitol is the epitome of passionate engagement of citizens willing to protect our freedoms.

"CSE is a wonderful organization…. Your organization is about making sure we stop government waste and corruption."
-- Lt. Governor Steve Windom

The day comprised of educational seminars on the state of the AL Supreme Court by Toby Roth of the Business Council of Alabama and on pending federal legislation in Washington, D.C. by CSE’s Erick Gustafson. Guest speakers included AL Supreme Court justice Harold See and AL state representative Chris Pringle. Activists also heard from Sen. Bill Armistead, gubernatorial candidate Tim James, and Lt. Governor Steve Windom.

Following the seminars and speeches, activists held a press conference on the steps of the AL State House building where they called on their legislators and governor to stop government waste, corruption and “sweetheart” political deals. Television stations WAKA-8, WNCR-32, and AL PBS program “For the Record” covered the event as well as the Associated Press. After the rally, our patriots visited with each of their legislators to ensure that they knew a powerful citizen army of dedicated activists demands less from government.