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Alternative Health Care Bills


Here at FreedomWorks, we believe that it is vital to the health care debate that every idea for reform be considered by every member of Congress.  Much of the popular rhetoric being spread throughout the nation may lead the public to believe that H.R. 3200 is the only health care reform bill that has been introduced.  In fact, there are many, including the 37 summarized in this document (which was released last night by the Republican Study Committee).  While we at FreedomWorks do not necessarily endorse all of these bills, we present them here to contribute to a more robust discussion about finding the best method of health care reform possible: 37 Health Care Solutions By RSC Members 


To find the the text of these bills, or any other, you can search by bill number or key word at


Update--More Alternatives:


H.R. 3400, Empowering Patients First Act: Text, Summary


S. 1099, Patients' Choice Act: Text, Summary, More