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    Around the Freedom Horn


    Enjoy a compilation of some interesting reads from around the web:

       Supply-side conservatives unite: Senate Weighs Medicare Tax on Capital Gains to Fund Health Plan.

       Some historical perspective on the healthcare debate by Kimberly Strassel: Potomac Watch.

       Yet to see Nancy Pelosi on a bike.

       As if the lowest bond rating out of 50, a state deficit of deficits, the audacity of proposition 1a, IOUs, and emigration weren't this?! California Dreamin'.

       No soup for you, second stimulus.

       An update on "Joe Biden: The Gift that Keeps on Giving"; Apparently the "sheriff" is now singing a different tune: Biden Defends Stimu-less at Cincinnati Appearance.

       Whether you like him or not, Karl Rove's got a point: "Obama Can't be Trusted with Numbers."

       Vote "no" here.

       In need of a laugh? Then look no further: "It's time to get mad!!!"

    And remember: freedom works.