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Press Release

Asbestos Litigation: Malignancy in the Courts?


Using asbestos lawsuits, ruthless trial lawyers are bleeding companies for all they're worth-even though these firms were not responsible for the harm caused. hese attorneys dig up obscure tort laws and use them to file lawsuits against companies that are only loosely connected to asbestos-related injuries. Those who were truly harmed by asbestos deserve compensation, but the current system is primarily serving attorneys and those who haven't really been hurt. And we all pay as businesses close and jobs disappear.

A piece published by the Manhattan Institute entitled "Asbestos Litigation: Malignancy in the Courts?" details how these unscrupulous lawyers are gaming the system. By backlogging courts with asbestos suits, they force many states to adopt 'short cuts' that make companies pay more in damages than they otherwise would in a regular trial.

Consumers and workers ultimately suffer because of our broken legal system in the form of higher prices and lost jobs. This piece presents yet more evidence that America needs asbestos lawsuit reform.

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