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Atlas Slugged (FreedomWorks) Achieves First Victory of the Summer

Going into the top of the sixth inning FreedomWorks’ softball team, Atlas Slugged, held a tie score nine runs apiece with the opposing ACLU, a team entering the game with a an undefeated five win season. The ACLU could not withstand the pressure applied by Atlas Slugged and gave up six runs in the top of the inning. FreedomWorks staff was able to stand tall and hold their opponents to a meager two point inning in return; giving us a lead we would not lose. After a seven inning game Atlas Slugged was able to claim our first victory of the summer while dealing the first defeat to the ACLU with a final score of 15-11. A momentous event for sure, victory for Freedom on the softball field is a start towards a free America.