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Press Release

Bills to Watch this Session in Oregon



Important Bills to Watch this Session

SB 505 – Suspends Ballot Measure 37 claims.  In other words it dismantles Oregon’s land mark property rights initiative, Measure 37.  Measure 37 promised property owners that if government used regulation to limit the use of their property that they could seek fair compensation for their losses.

Sponsors Sponsored by Senator Prozanski, Representative Macpherson (at the request of Governor Theodore R. Kulongoski).  Read Representative Richardson’s Update on Ballot Measure 37. – Referred to Senate Land Use Fairness

HB 2082 – Is a horrible bill created to exclude Oregonians from the initiative process and in effect kill 100 hundred years of citizen’s involvement in the law making process.  Please stay tuned we will have more on this bill in the near future. 

The Sponsors of the bill:  Ordered Printed by Speaker Merkley at the request of Secretary of State Bill Bradbury – Referred to House Elections, Ethics, and Rules


New Taxes, More Taxes – LOTS and LOTS of TAXES?

SB 80 – Deletes the requirement for a double-majority voter participation for tax increase measures.  This law was enacted by a citizen initiative, and has protected Oregonians politicians who have no respect for taxpayers.  The double majority requires that at least 50% of voters turn out to an election before taxes can be increased.

Sponsors of the bill:  At the request of Secretary of State Bill Bradbury

SB 366- New fees [read tax], up to $6,500 on new homes. 

Sponsors of the Bill:  by Senator Schrader; Representative Tomei – Referred to Senate Finance and Revenue

HB 2525 – Adds new unspecified fees [read tax] on new homes. 

Sponsors of the bill:  Sponsored by Representatives Tomei, Bonamici, Buckley, Cannon, Dingfelder, Galizio, Gelser, Greenlick, Nolan, Shields, Witt – Assigned to House Subcommittee on Education Innovation

HB 2347 - Increases tax on wines, malt beverages and cider. 

Sponsors of the bill:  Sponsored– House interim committee on Judiciary -Referred to House Revenue with subsequent referral to Ways and Means.

HB 2530 – Creates an Oregon sales tax and modifies existing tax system – including lowering some existing taxes. 

Sponsors of the bill: Representatives Jenson, Burley, Esquivel, Berger, Bruun, Senators Schrader, Morse, Deckert, Westlund – Referred to House Revenue

HB 2653 – Increases the fuel tax by 5 cents, and another 5 cents every 5 years thereafter. 

Sponsors of the bill:  Representative Greenlick and Terry Beyer – Referred to House Transportation with subsequent referral to Revenue

HB 2691 – Increases, by an unspecified amount, your vehicle registration fees. 

Sponsors of the bill:  House Committee on Revenue, Chaired by Representative Barnhart – Referred to House Revenue


Tobacco Tax/Governors Healthy Kids Plan

HB 2201 - Increases cigarette taxes by 84.5 cents per pack to fund the Governors Healthy Kids Program.   Watch an excellent presentation on the Governor’s Healthy Kids Plan by Representative Dennis Richardson

Sponsors of the bill:  At the request of Governor Kulongoski- Currently referred to House Revenue by prior reference, then Ways and Means

HB 2707 – Massive tax increase on Oregon small businesses. See Above!