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Press Release

Call to Action: Veto Runaway Spending in Washington


Spending is out of control, but the President and some leaders in Congress are committed to putting America's fiscal house back in order.

Representative Chris Cox (R-CA) is circulating a letter to President Bush that pledges support for a Presidental veto of any spending bill that includes unnecessary spending. It's very important that President Bush knows that a large number of Representatives will support him in the budget battles ahead this year.

Here is a copy of the letter, and the list of current signers follows at the bottom. To date (updated March 2), 107 Representatives have signed-- a great start, but too many Members haven't signed, and they need to hear from you. Take a look and see if your Representative has signed the letter. If they haven't, click here to take action and tell your Representative to sign Rep. Cox's spending restraint letter!

Congress of the United States
House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515

The President
The White House
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President:

To help you control spending during the remainder of the 108th Congress, we will vote to sustain any veto you exercise on the basis that the legislation you veto would result in unnecessary spending.


Last First
Akin, Todd
Barrett, J.Gresham
Bartlett, Roscoe
Barton, Joe
Beauprez, Bob
Blackburn, Marsha
Blunt, Roy
Boehner, John
Brady, Kevin
Burr, Richard
Burton, Dan
Camp, Dave
Canon, Chris
Cantor, Eric
Carter, John
Chabot, Steve
Chocola, Chris
Cole, Tom
Collins, Mac
Cox, Chris
Crane, Phil
Cubin, Barbara
Culberson, John
Davis, Jo Ann
DeMint, Jim
Diaz-Balart, Lincoln
Diaz-Balart, Mario
Doolittle, John
Dreier, David
Dunn, Jennifer
Feeney, Tom
Flake, Jeff
Forbes, Randy
Franks, Trent
Gallegly, Elton
Garrett, Scott
Gibbons, Jim
Gingrey, Phil
Goode, Virgil
Goodlatte, Bob
Graves, Sam
Green, Mark
Gutknecht, Gil
Hall, Ralph
Hart, Melissa
Hayworth, J.D.
Hefley, Joel
Hensarling, Jeb
Herger, Wally
Hoekstra, Pete
Hostettler, John
Hyde, Henry
Isakson, Johnny
Issa, Darrell
Istook, Ernest
Jenkins, William
Johnson, Sam
Jones, Walter
Keller, Ric
Kennedy, Mark
King, Steve
Kingston, Jack
Kirk, Steven
Kline, John
Kolbe, Jim
Lewis, Ron
Linder, John
Manzullo, Donald
Mcinnis, Scott
McKeon, Buck
Miller, Gary
Miller, Jeff
Musgrave, Marilyn
Myrick, Sue
Neugebauer, Randy
Norwood, Charlie
Ose, Doug
Otter, Butch
Paul, Ron
Pence, Mike
Pitts, Joseph
Pombo, Richard
Puntam, Adam
Radanovich, George
Reynolds, Tom
Rogers, Mike
Rohrabacher, Dana
Royce, Ed
Ryan, Paul
Ryun, Jim
Schrock, Ed
Sensenbrenner, James
Sessions, Pete
Shadegg, John
Shays, Christopher
Shimkus, John
Smith, Nick
Souder, Mark
Sterns, Cliff
Sullivan, John
Tancredo, Tom
Terry, Lee
Tiahrt, Todd
Tiberi, Patrick
Toomey, Pat
Vitter, David
Wilson, Joe

Is your Member Missing? Take Action Now!

Feb. 26 update: CSE Sends Letter to Capitol Hill, Will Include Signing of Letter in CSE Economic Scorecard