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    Cap and Tax Passes House


    Waxman-Markey passed the House today and liberals took their first step towards a huge new energy tax.  The fight continues and we will have our work cut out for us in the Senate after the July 4 Recess.  See below for detail on the vote break-down:

    Waxman-Markey Cap and Trade passes… 219 YES, 212 NO

    8 Republican YES (Bono Mack, Castle, Kirk, Lance, LoBiondo, Reichert, Smith, McHugh)

    168 Republican NO

    211 Democrat YES

    44 Democrats Voted NO – (Altmire, Arcuri, Barrow, Berry, Boren, Bright, Carney, Childers, Costa, Costello, Dahlkemper, Davis (AL), Davis (TN), DeFazio, Donelly, Edwards (TX), Ellsworth, Foster, Griffith, Herseth-Sandlin, Holden, Kirkpatrick, Kissell, Kucinich, Marshall, Massa, Matheson, McIntyre, Melancon, Minnick, Mitchell, Mollohan, Nye, Ortiz, Pomeroy, Rahall, Rodriguez, Ross, Salazar, Stark, Tanner, Taylor, Visclosky, Wilson)


    --2 GOP Didn’t Vote – Flake, Sullivan

    --1 DEM Didn’t Vote – Hastings (FL)