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Issue Analysis

"The Cartel" America Cannot Afford

Last night, I had the privilege of watching the documentary, “The Cartel” which chronicles the failures of New Jersey public education system.  The film takes a hard look at just how bad the system is doing.  In one scene of the film we are told that New Jersey spends more money then any other state in the union but produces some of our countries worst results.  Following this scene the viewer is introduced to wide range of issues facing the New Jersey school system.  After seeing these horrible statistics you are introduced to a Representative from the NJEA Teachers Union.  A troll like figure she denies all of the claims that New Jersey schools are failing.  In one interview she is asked about the New Jersey tenure system and how it only fires 0.03% of all tenured teachers.  Her response… "I think 99.97% should be celebrated."  Her defiance in the face of these tough questions shows the real face of the teachers union.  Instead of admitting that our schools are failing they suggest it is the reformers who are destroying the education system. In honor of this great movie I have created a fun but serious chart of the differences between us (reality) and the teachers union.  Ask yourself this…Where do you side?

Reality: Our schools are failing

Teachers Union:  Our Schools are fine, we just need more money

Reality:  Vouchers work

Teachers Union:  Vouchers have never worked (lie), they take desperately needed funds from us

Reality:  We care about the children

Teachers Union:  According to the Reason Foundation, the California Teachers Association has spent more than $200 million on ballot initiatives, candidates for state and local office, and lobbying.

Reality: Some teachers need to be fired

Teachers Union:  See above NJEA Teachers Union rep…Need I remind you, “99.97%”

Bottom line:  
The Teachers Union is hurting our children.  What are you doing to fight them?