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Press Release

CoMPASS Sends Letter in Support of DeMint-Crapo


March 16, 2006

Dear Senator:

On behalf of the 546 business, senior, student and advocacy organizations that form the membership of the Coalition for the Modernization and Protection of America’s Social Security (CoMPASS), we urge you to support the DeMint-Crapo amendment to S. Con. Res 83 when it is called up for a vote.

CoMPASS members believe that it is imperative that the Congress take steps to address the need for reform of the Social Security system now – before the impending retirement of the baby boomer generation puts such stress on the system’s weakening finances that it can only be saved by draconian benefit reductions and/or drastic and economically damaging tax increases. For every year Congress does not act, the cost of reform grows by $600 billion – or $2,000 per year for every American. That’s an additional cost taxpayers cannot afford.

The DeMint-Crapo amendment addresses this need for reform by calling on, but not forcing, Congress to face up to the issue and debate reforms, and by laying out certain parameters for that debate.

We believe the DeMint-Crapo proposal is a reasoned and thoughtful approach to this serious problem, as it compels the Congress to accept responsibility for addressing the issue and saving Social Security through subsequent open debate on reform proposals.

The CoMPASS coalition urges you to support the DeMint-Crapo amendment and put Congress on a path toward reforming and saving this critical retirement system.


John J. Castellani

Jade West
Executive Director