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Press Release

    Congress Should Sign Feeney Letter Opposing Tax Hikes


    Download the .pdf of the letter

    January 22, 2007

    Dear Representative:

    Recently you received the attached letter from Representative Tom Feeney strongly encouraging President Bush to veto any bill that contains tax increases on working Americans and businesses. The letter further states that the undersigned Members intend to vote against any congressional effort to override a veto should an attempt be made.

    On behalf of the millions of taxpayers, families, small businesses, senior citizens, and shareholders represented by our organizations, we urge you to sign this very important letter. Signing this letter makes clear your opposition to tax increases, urges the President to veto any tax increase, and informs the President you will fight on behalf of taxpayers if any effort is made to override his veto.

    In 1999, President Bush signed in writing his unwavering opposition to raising taxes on American workers and businesses. At the same time nearly 200 members of the House of Representatives have pledged to their constituents in writing not to raise taxes.
    Yet, the threat to American taxpayers and businesses is real as the actions of the new House leadership in the past week signal their desire to raise taxes. Rules governing the 110th Congress will make tax increases easier to enact and make tax cuts more difficult. Speaker Pelosi has repeatedly refused to rule out tax increases since being installed as Speaker.

    Therefore, your leadership in working against any proposed tax increases and any attempt to override President Bush’s veto is critical to protecting American taxpayers for the next two years.

    Tax increases are clearly not needed despite the claims being made by elected officials who support raising taxes on working families. In fact, the federal government has implemented $1 trillion of tax cuts over the past five fiscal years and tax revenues are increasing faster than inflation, personal income, and economic growth. As a result, the budget deficit has declined 53 percent since April 2004 and in calendar year 2006 alone the budget deficit declined by 35 percent. This reduction comes at a time when spending remained elevated.

    Clearly, Washington has a spending problem, not a revenue problem and the pro-tax increase members are trying to use the budget deficit as a means to justify these tax increases. But the true intentions are clear: raise taxes to grow the size of government.

    Once again we strongly urge you to sign Rep. Feeney’s letter encouraging President Bush to veto any tax increase and to pledge your support to against any effort to override his veto.

    To sign the letter, please contact Tonnie Wybensinger in Rep. Feeney’s office at

    Jim Martin, 60 Plus Association
    Ryan Ellis, Alliance for Worker Freedom
    Pat Callahan, American Association of Small Property Owners
    David Keene, American Conservative Union
    Dick Patten, American Family Business Institute
    Daniel Clifton, American Shareholders Association
    Tim Phillips, Americans for Prosperity
    Joe Calomino, Americans for Prosperity – Illinois
    Peggy Venable, Americans for Prosperity - Texas
    Grover Norquist, Americans for Tax Reform
    Andrew Quinlan, Center for Freedom and Prosperity
    Jeffrey Mazzella, Center for Individual Freedom
    Jim Backlin, Christian Coalition of America
    Pat Toomey, Club for Growth
    Thomas Schatz, Council for Citizens Against Government Waste
    Kay Daly, Coalition for a Fair Judiciary
    Phyllis Schafly, Eagle Forum
    John McClaughry, Ethan Allen Institute
    Bob Williams, Evergreen Freedom Foundation
    Mallory Factor, Free Enterprise Fund
    Matthew Kibbe, FreedomWorks
    Greg Blankenship, Illinois Policy Institute
    Bob McClure, James Madison Institute
    Karl Peterjohn, Kansas Taxpayers Network
    Richard Falknor, Maryland Taxpayers Association
    Forest Thigpen, Mississippi Center for Public Policy
    Lew Uhler, National Tax Limitation Committee
    John Berthoud, National Taxpayers Union
    Jim Stergios, Pioneer Institute
    Scott LaGanga, Property Rights Alliance
    Chuck Muth, Citizen Outreach
    Geoffrey Segal, Reason Foundation
    Karen Kerrigan, Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council
    David Strom, Taxpayers League of Minnesota