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Press Release

Conservatives Favor Legislation of Taxpayer Bill of Rights


Arizona has a ground swelling of support in favor of TABOR. State Rep. Russell Pearce, chairman of the Arizona House Appropriations Committee said “We have more government than we can afford,” said Pearce, who may be the only appropriations chairman to vote against a state budget bill – and he has done so three times, because he doesn’t want to put taxpayers at risk. “Out of $3 billion spent by the state, we have a lot of waste.”

While there already is a requirement for a balanced budget there are many examples of fuzzy accounting to reach this end goal. "Among the legislative gimmicks used to give the illusion of balanced budgets are fund transfers ($500 million last year), K-12 rollovers (the state missed a payment last year), ballot propositions, appropriations for university research and the Phoenix Civic Plaza, payments skipped by the governor (she labels them “payment holidays”) and others. Judicial activism and unchecked illegal immigration have severely stressed state budgets, as well."

Pearce and other fiscal conservatives want to enact TABOR to avoid financial shortfalls that have beguiled the state in recent years.

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