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Press Release

Consumers Score a Victory in North Carolina

Raleigh, NC – With the help of FreedomWorks, the citizens of North Carolina have secured a key pro-free market win in the North Carolina General Assembly.

The passage of H1180, “Consumer Choice and Investment Act” found support and sponsorship from both sides of the aisle and encountered relatively little opposition. The vote passed by a large margin in the House, 112-6. The bill must now be signed by Governor Perdue to become law.

The bill is designed to act as a catalyst to update regulation to reflect current and emerging technologies. The bill will  level the playing field with regards to rules and regulations providers must follow. In addition, it protects the consumer.  Consumers with basic telephone service will only experience price increases associated with inflation. 

FreedomWorks activists led dozens of office visits to targeted state legislators, placed hundreds of calls, and sent thousands of emails in support of H1180.

Most importantly, in an age of anti-competitive and anti-innovative legislation, the bill creates an incentive for companies to invest in North Carolina, leading to improved services and lower prices  for consumers while stimulating the state’s economy. Thus, North Carolina stays competitive and investment dollars continue to enter the state.

FreedomWorks applauds the efforts of all those involved in helping to get this pro-freedom piece of legislation passed.