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Press Release

CSE Activists Meet with Education Commissioner


Texas CSE activists John Hoppe and Margie Raborn joined Texas CSE director Peggy Venable and Carol Jones in meetings with Education Commissioner Jim Nelson and later in the governor's office to express our concern that the middle and high school science textbooks proposed for adoption in Texas - as submitted by publishers - do not embody sound science and do not adhere to the State Constitution. The meetings were productive and informative. CSE activists will continue to review textbooks and the publishers' responses to citizens concerns expressed at the September 6 hearing. The textbooks are available for review at the regional service centers. To locate the service center in your area, click here.

For information on how to rate bias in textbooks, CSE has been working with Dr. Kenneth Green, Deputy Director and Chief Scientist for the Reason Public Policy Instute. For his paper "Weighing the Words: Getting Bias out of Environmental Communications," click here.

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