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Press Release

CSE Hits Sen. Levin For Conflict on Judges


Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) is running a statewide advertising campaign to highlight the conflict of interest that is motivating Michigan Senator Carl Levin to oppose fair votes on President Bush’s federal judicial nominees. The ad, titled “Family Ties,” is airing on stations in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Saginaw, Traverse City, and Lansing.

Listen to the ad (MP3)

Senator Levin is blocking full Senate consideration of a number of Sixth Circuit Court nominees. Senator Levin has said publicly he wants to arrange a deal that would put Judge Helene White, who is married to Mr. Levin's first cousin, on the Sixth Circuit bench.

The new CSE radio ad informs Michigan citizens that Senator Levin’s opposition to holding a vote is “tying the United States Senate in knots” and urges listeners to call the Senator to tell him “to stand for justice for American families, not just the Levin family.”

The radio ads are the latest component in CSE Michigan’s “Free the Michigan Four” campaign in favor of holding full Senate votes on judicial nominees. CSE’s Michigan Chapter has held numerous rallies and press events to highlight Senator Levin’s opposition to a fair up-and-down vote by the Senate.

Full Script for "Family Ties"

[Americana music]

Families. They’re what make America strong. They take care of each other. They make sacrifices together. Family ties bind us together.

[Fade to darker music]

But sometimes family ties go too far. Like in Washington, where family ties are tying the United States Senate in knots…and it’s costing you.

Your Senator, Carl Levin, is going too far for his family. Levin is blocking confirmation of 6 outstanding nominees for the federal court. Because Levin wants a job to go to a cousin in law. A cousin in law? Yup. A cousin in law.

Levin is making a sacrifice for a family member, all right. He’s ignoring the constitution and sacrificing justice…keeping 6 judgeships open makes it harder for us to get our day in court.

Call Senator Levin. Tell him to stand up for justice for American families…not just the Levin family. Call Carl Levin at 202-224-6221 and tell him that his family ties shouldn’t tie up the Senate any more.

Paid for by Citizens for a Sound Economy.