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Press Release

CSE Members Rally Against Massive New Hampshire Spending Increases

The 2003 New Hampshire budget battle has been a classic confrontation between the big spenders and those promoting fiscal responsibility. As submitted, Governor Craig Benson’s budget called for a 6% increase in state spending and contained no new taxes or increases. Having passed the House of Representatives and the Senate, the budget now contains an increase of 13% in state spending, spends all of the state bailout money provided for by the Congress and levies a new tax on nursing homes.

The 13% increase in state spending is in line with the successive budget increases seen during the term of former Democratic Governor Jeanne Shaheen.

NH CSE has been an active participant in helping promote a state budget that limits the growth of government and contains no new taxes.

NH CSE members have participated this effort by:

  • Testifying before the State Senate Finance Committee
  • Calling members of the State Finance Committee to ask them to hold the line on
  • State Director Chuck McGee meeting with Governor Benson urging him to stand
    firm on his no new taxes pledge
  • and visiting with State Senators in Concord and asking them to hold the line on
  • Staff members of Governor Benson’s office recently requested that NH CSE members attend and promote upcoming budget rallies planned by the Governor that will urge the House and Senate to reconsider the spending increases and new tax.