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Press Release

CSE Mobilizes Voters in South Dakota

Citizens for a Sound Economy, a national grassroots member organization, is executing an integrated telephone and email campaign to get the truth out about Senate candidate Tim Johnson.

The CSE educational campaign emphasizes Senator Johnson’s votes to undermine U.S. energy security. Tim Johnson wants the U.S. to rely on unproven alternative energy sources to power our economy, instead of exploring for new sources of North American oil.

Johnson also voted to raise gasoline taxes four times, increasing costs at the pump and the cost to get products on the shelf. The campaign notes that Johnson also voted to force automakers to produce lighter, weaker cars that result in more highway deaths.

To deliver this important message to registered voters, CSE is placing 60,000 targeted telephone calls across South Dakota.

Additionally, CSE is leveraging the latest technology to reach South Dakota’s rural community. CSE contracted with a prominent consumer marketing firm to send an HTML email to 20,000 South Dakota households. The email also discusses Tim Johnson’s poor record on energy, and is integrated with the CSE website.

A sample of the HTML email, and a related direct mail brochure can be viewed online at: