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Press Release

CSE Wisconsin Rallies for Social Security Reform


Braving near-zero temperatures, CSE activists joined the hundreds of other people demonstrating at the recent Democratic Presidential Debate in Milwaukee. Clamoring for Social Security reform, the activists stood abreast to a variety of other organizations certain in their hopes that their message would carry over to the debate.

While the candidates were mum on Social Security Reform inside, the activists outside piqued the interest of several local media outlets, even appearing on local nightly news.

“It’s unfortunate that these men were in Wisconsin campaigning for over a week and not one so much as hinted at a plan to reform Social Security. They’ve been quiet on tax cuts, tort reform and school choice, only to say that the tax cuts don’t work, school choice is failing, and universal healthcare will solve America’s ills,” stated Wisconsin CSE State Director, Cameron Sholty.

CSE members joined a mass of demonstrators outside the site of a Democrat Presidential candidates' debate in Milwaukee on Sunday, Feb. 15, 2004. CSE Wisconsin and our tactics received national media attention.