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Press Release

    CSEmail Update


    CSE's most valuable asset is you, the activist. For this reason, we bring you the weekly e-mail newsletter, CSEmail Insider. This newsletter offers the inside scoop on important issues and on what CSE is doing. We hope that you will come to rely on this weekly publication as a valuable resource to aid you in your participation in the political process. - Paul Beckner, President

    Support President Bush's Tax Cut Proposal

    Click here to write a letter to your Representative, Senator or the President to let them know that you support tax cuts.

    Sign Florida's Supreme Court Petition

    Sign the Florida Petition.

    CSE's Tax Cut Powerpoint Presentation

    This presentation provides information on Across the Board Tax Relief, the Death tax, and The Marriage Penalty. Click here.

    CSE Urges Congress to Avoid Information Regulation

    CSE led a group of organizations in defense of consumers' ability to freely exchange information. Click here.

    SEC Can Avert a Great Leap Backward

    Hopefully, the commission will favor competition over monopoly. Click here.

    Contribute to CSE

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    CSE recruits, educates, trains, and mobilizes hundreds of thousands of volunteer activists to fight for less government, lower taxes, and more freedom. We believe individual liberty and the freedom to compete and expand consumer choices and provide individuals with the greatest control over what they own and earn. Our aggressive, real-time campaigns activate a growing and permanent volunteer grassroots army to show up and demand policy change.