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Press Release

Darrol Mickle is the September Minuteman of the Month


Our September Minuteman of the Month is Darrol Mickle of Blountsville, AL. Darrol has been instrumental in helping CSE execute the campaign to defeat the largest tax hike in Alabama’s history.

From passing out more than 1,000 yard signs and 2,000 bumper stickers to attending rallies and strategic planning sessions, Darrol has made sure the citizens of Alabama know to “Vote No on September 9th.” Darrol, a member of AL CSE, has helped initiate a sophisticated Get Out The Vote (GOTV) strategy to be implemented in the final week leading up to the vote. The plan contains mail, phone banks, and lit walks in targeted communities, and at large-scale community events such as high school and college football games.

As the campaign continues to heat up, Darrol will assist AL CSE with holding meetings across the state, handing out bumper stickers and signs, as well as recruiting activists volunteering to be GOTV Chairmen. Darrol has done a fantastic job and we expect big things from him and the network that he continues to build in Alabama.

Darrol is a true American Patriot and our September Minuteman of the Month. Keep up the great work, Darrol!