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Day One: With TPX in Napa and Reno!

They always ask where the Tea Party has gone. Well, if what I saw is any indication, they haven't gone anywhere, and they're stronger and more organized than ever! It's so heartening to see people continuously show up, two and a half years later. By all accounts, we should not exist anymore - yet, there you are. Government goes to those who show up. Tea Partiers are showing up.

This morning we kicked off the Tea Party Express tour in Napa with a great crowd and incredible weather. We were joined by Sharron Angle, Tony Katz and our great Tea Party Express partners. 



The counter protesters were strong, but they stayed on the other side of the fence. They didn't stay long, either - they seemed to give up pretty quickly. They put all sorts of effort in, even blowing up a 15 ft. rat. Yes, a RAT. I wouldn't lie to you. 


Tony Katz had a great take on this over on the Tatler

The majority of the Tea Party crowd was still partying at 1:20pm.  The event officially ended at 1pm.  Who has the staying power?  It’s one hell of a metaphor.

Once we took off from there, we got to Sparks, Nevada - just outside of Reno. It was a beautiful little town, and despite the fact that we got stuck in traffic and showed up late there was a nice crowd that toughed in out in the heat. 


Tomorrow morning we will be in Elko, then we've got a long haul for a Fireside event in Salt Lake City. 

See the full schedule here, and be sure to follow our updates on Twitter!

Diane Urie

My husband and I were there in Napa. It was our first time attending anything like this. I had a great time meeting and talking with like minded people. Speakers and entertainment was awesome. It's very hard being a conservative in Ca. We are greatly outnumbered by Dems, Libs and progressives. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the American spirit was alive and well. We left with such enthusiasm. Thank you Tea Party Express!