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Democrats' only idea for job creation: spend more money

In an article published by The Hill earlier today, Alexander Bolton observes one of the major dilemmas facing Democratic lawmakers in Washington DC.  Put simply, Democrats don't know how to create jobs without spending massive amounts of money.  In the article, Bolton quotes Senate Democratic Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) who admits that his party is struggling to come up with a job-creating legislative agenda:

I don’t know what we’ll do next.

But Senator Durbin isn't the only member of the Democratic Caucus who is unsure of his party's ability to create jobs in the absence of government spending.  Bolton also interviewed Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) who caucuses with the Democrats.  According to the article, Sanders--an admitted socialist--said he was “not quite sure” how to put together a credible jobs agenda without spending more money.  The Senator from Vermont did, however, offer his own view of how to spark job-creation:

One of the areas you want to focus on, and I hope and expect the president will be talking about, is infrastructure.  You have a crumbling infrastructure where over a period of years we need to spend trillions of dollars.  When you do that you create jobs.  (Emphasis mine)

At a time when the lives of most American families are dominated by talk of cutting spending and balancing household budgets, these elitist politicians continue to reveal just how disconnected they are from the public.  Spending money that we don't have is what got us into our current economic situation.  It is not the solution to our problems.

As the following video illustrates, under the leadership of the Democrats, America has borrowed and spent more money than at anything other time in history.  Yet unemployment remains high with 9 percent of the workforce searching for jobs and our economy has yet to fully recover from the 2008 recession:


4 years worth of Democratic spending have left us with a skyrocketing deficit and an exploding national debt.  We can no longer afford to finance their irresponsible attempt to spend our way out of joblessness.  It simply does not work.

Fortunately, the party that helped pile such massive amounts of debt upon our country is no longer in control of Congress.  The Democrats lost their majority in the House which is now under more fiscally conservative leadership.  In addition, several limited government conservatives joined the Senate this past election cycle.  These leaders have plans to create jobs not by increasing spending but by cutting spending. 

A novel idea.

I outlined a few of their proposals to cut the size and scope of the federal government here.

Fiscal sanity is on the rise in Washington and the passage of legislation that reduces federal spending will be a hopeful sign the future economic prosperity of America.