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Democrats Trying to Force a Stalemate

Democratic lawmakers fear the possibility of a Supreme Court ruling declaring the individual mandate illegal and therefore enabling a possible full repeal of the Obama Health Care Law. In response to their fears that conservatives hold a 5 to 4 majority on the Supreme Court at the moment Democrats are attacking the one Justice they feel is vulnerable, Justice Clarence Thomas. Democratic lawmakers are trying as they have done in the past, to sway Justice Thomas by attempting to create a conflict of interest where one does not exist. Justice Thomas is being attacked now for not initially disclosing financial forms which is information he didn’t have to share. The financial information in question, which he later produced, pertains to his wife Ginni Thomas, who has received a salary from Liberty Central, a group she helped found, which opposes Obama’s health care law. Democrats naturally found this to be a conflict of interest because, ignoring the fact that numerous American citizens and institutions alike are opposed to ObamaCare, it was clear to them that Justice Thomas clearly had something to gain from opposing health care reform.  

This is clearly untrue, due to the fact that Ginni Thomas no longer works for Liberty Central and announced she was leaving the group last fall to join Liberty Consulting. Also, Democrats actively requesting for recusal have neither the reasons nor the place to be judgmental currently, most notably, the now infamous, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) who has publicly stated he believes Justice Thomas has no option but recusal. It is interesting to note that the Democrat’s worries for conflicts of interest where silent when Justice Kagan was ruling on legality of health care reforms. Democrats have conveniently forgotten that prior to her appointment to the Supreme Court it was Elena Kagan acting as Solicitor General who helped to construct and fight to pass the reforms that are now in question.

It would appear to any reasonable observer that if the indirect relation that Justice Thomas, who no longer has his relation to Obama’s health care law, is enough to deem recusal appropriate then a direct interest in seeing your own work put into law would also be an acceptable reason. However, Democratic lawmakers refuse to request that Justice Kagan recuse herself from ruling on ObamaCare cases that may arise in the future. The problem is Democratic lawmakers don’t care if their agenda is legal and they don’t care about taking care of the people.  All they care about is doing what they want when they want and however they have to in order to ensure they retain their positions and pass their radical agenda.