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Press Release

Department of Homeland Security Visited 1560 Times Over Two-Year Span

Washington, DC- Over the last two years, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has visited the FreedomWorks website over 1,560 times, an average of over 2 visits per day. In comparison, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) gave the site just under 250 visits over the same length of time, along with 812 visits traced back to the Social Security Administration, 769 from the Department of Justice, and 235 visits from the executive office of the White House with an average duration of about 20 minutes.

The web traffic focused mainly on FreedomWorks’ staff pages and blog posts. The discovery was made following a routine internal audit of the FreedomWorks web traffic.

FreedomWorks Matt Kibbe commented, “After the flurry of scandals and abuses coming out of the intelligence collection agencies of the federal government this year, it’s curious that the DHS would frequent the FreedomWorks website. We would appreciate any clarification that the DHS can provide on these questions.”

- Why was the Department of Homeland Security visiting the FreedomWorks website? Are they visiting the websites of other grassroots groups?

- What information did the Department of Homeland Security collect from the FreedomWorks website, and what does it intend to do with this information? 

- Does FreedomWorks have a file with the Department of Homeland Security? Does the current administration consider FreedomWorks a threat to homeland security?

- Is the Department of Homeland Security sharing information on FreedomWorks with other government agencies?

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