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Press Release

Ending Taxpayer Abuse in Georgia: Step 2


We're another step closer!  The important reform bill in the Georgia Assembly, HB 168, abolishing the Universal Access Fund has passed the House of Representatives and is headed for the Senate. The intent behind the creation of Georgia's Universal Access Fund was positive – keeping rural areas connected to digital services.

Unfortunately, the money in the Universal Access Fund has been misused and abused, and has become a slush fund that is unaccountable to the taxpayers.  The 2008 audit of the fund found that one company actually used their taxpayer subsidy for a $15,000 dinner and a $20,000 Christmas party!

Now that the bill has passed the House, we need to get this bill through the Senate. Please take a moment to call and urge these members of the Senate Committee on Regulated Industries and Utilities to hold a hearing.  (See below)

  • David Shafer (R-SS 48)              (404) 656-0048     Chairman
  • Eric Johnson (R-SS01)               (404) 656-5109     Vice Chairman
  • Ed Harbison (D-SS 15)               (404) 656-0074     Secretary
  • Gloria S. Butler (D-SS 55)          (404) 656-0075     Member
  • Steve Henson (D-SS 41)             (404) 656-0085     Member
  • Jack Hill (R-SS 04)                      (404) 656-5038     Member
  • Dan Moody (R-SS 56)                 (404) 463-8055    Ex-Officio
  • Jack Murphy (R-SS 27)               (404) 656-7127    Ex-Officio
  • Mitch Seabaugh (R-SS 28)          (404) 656-6446    Member
  • Doug Stoner (D-SS 06)                (404) 463-2518    Member
  • Ross Tolleson (R-SS 20)              (404) 656-0081    Ex-Officio
  • Renee S. Unterman (R-SS 45)     (404) 463-1368    Member
  • Tommie Williams (R-SS 19)         (404) 656-0089    Member

TAKE ACTION! Please use this link to e-mail your Representative and Senator. If we turn the volume up on lawmakers, we can ensure that the slush fund is ended and the taxpayers of Georgia have one less government program to pay for.

Thank you for standing up for lower taxes, less government, and more freedom.  And if you haven't already, be sure to register for the Atlanta Taxpayer Tea Party on April 15!