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Press Release

Even Low Income Oregonians Suffer Double Taxation


Opponents of Measure 59 are claiming that the measure does not benefit low income taxpayers; only the middle class on up. Let’s consider what they are really saying.

The real message of the "No on 59" crowd is one of class envy. They are pitting low income taxpayers against middle class income taxpayers. They are saying it is okay to tax the middle class on their income not once, but twice. However, it’s not okay to do this to low income people.

But taxes ought to be fair to everyone. No one should be double taxed. No one should be forced to pay state income taxes on money they already paid to the IRS as federal income taxes. It is just not right.

Here’s something the "No on 59" crowd is not telling you: they are mostly public employee unions who live off your tax dollars and benefit when you are overtaxed.

They also aren’t telling you that lower income people sometimes get bonuses. When they do, they are shocked to discover that they are being double taxed and with a sizeable chunk of their bonus. They are shocked to discover that there’s a cap on how much of their federal income tax they can deduct on their state tax return.

When lower income people sell things, like a house or something they inherited. They find themselves double taxed, because of the legislature’s sneaky cap on how much federal income tax you can deduct on your state tax return, which suddenly is costing them thousands of dollars in state taxes.

Measure 59 makes Oregon’s income tax system fairer for everyone. It removes the legislature’s sneaky cap and makes all of your federal income taxes deductible on your state income tax return. Saving middle class and lower income Oregonians money.

Measure 59 is the right thing to do.

FreedomWorks urges a "Yes" on 59