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Events to Check Out at CPAC

For all those attending CPAC, there’s plenty of great events to choose from. We browsed through the 19 page schedule and picked out several events that may be of particular interest to FreedomWorks members. Unfortunately, we can not name all the great events due to space constraint. But please check out the full CPAC schedule here.

Thursday February 10:

9:45 am: FreedomWorks PAC Champion of Freedom Sen. Ron Johnson (WI) - Marriott Ballroom
Introduction: Jim Martin, 60 Plus Association

10:15 am: FreedomWorks PAC Champion of Freedom Sen. Pat Toomey (PA)- Marriott Ballroom
Introduction: Charlie Gerow, ACU Board of Directions

11:00 am: FreedomWorks PAC Champion of Freedom Rep. Allen West (FL)- Marriott Ballroom

2:30pm New Media Activism: From Behind the Scenes to Boots on the Ground-Marshall Ballroom

Tabitha Hale, FreedomWorks
Erik Telford, Americans for Prosperity
Dana Loesch,
Matt Sheffield, Washington Examiner
Moderator: Teri Christoph, Smart Girl Politics

3:45 pm: FreedomWorks PAC Champion of Freedom Sen. Rand Paul (KY)- Marriott Ballroom
Introduction: Phil Moffett, KY tea party activist

Friday February 11-

10:00 am: Year of Youth Training Workshop- Virginia Ballroom
Sponsored by Young Americans for Liberty

11:15am: Sound Money or Bust!-Taylor Room

Matt Kibbe, President, FreedomWorks
Judy Shelton, Atlas Economic Research
Foundation and FreedomWorks
Steven Bierfeldt, Campaign for Liberty

2:00pm FreedomWorks PAC Champion of Freedom Sen. Mike Lee (UT)- Marriott Ballroom
Introduction: Ken Blackwell, Senior Fellow, American Civil Rights Union

2:00 pm: Moving Forward on Entitlements: Practical Steps to Reform- Coolidge Room
Sponsored by the National Taxpayers Union Foundation
The Honorable Devin Nunes (CA-21); Maya MacGuineas; Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget; Douglas Holtz-Eakin, American Action Forum

2:15pm: Do We Need a Constitutional Amendment to Stop the Spending?-Marriot Ballroom

Sen. Orrin Hatch (UT)
Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (MI)
Matt Kibbe, FreedomWorks
Moderator: Lew Uhler, National Tax Limitation Committee

3:30 pm: Rep. Ron Paul (TX)- Marriott Ballroom
Introduction: Jeff Frazee, Young Americans for Liberty

4:00 pm: Is Atlas Shrugging...The Cultural Impact of the Tea Party-McKinley Room.  Includes premiere of Atlas Shrugged movie trailer and 15 minute film reel!

Harmon Kaslow, Executive Producer of Atlas Shrugged The Movie
Peter Suderman, Associate Editor at Reason Magazine
Moderator: Max Pappas, Vice President of Public Policy at FreedomWorks

5:00pm FreedomConnect Demonstration-McKinley Room

Kara Pally, Web Developer at FreedomWorks
Brendan Steinhauser, Director of Campaigns at FreedomWorks
Adam Brandon, Vice President of Communications at FreedomWorks
Martin Avila, Terra Eclipse

6:00pm FreedomConnect Launch Party Happy Hour-McKinley Room
Sponsored by FreedomWorks and Terra Eclipse

8:00 pm: YAL’s Friday Night Political Shindig- Maryland Ballroom
Sponsored by Young Americans for Liberty
Speakers: FreedomWorks PAC Champion of Freedom Rep. Justin Amash, Radio Hosts Mike Church and Jack Hunter

Saturday February 12:

1:15pm Online Advertising: The New Battleground-Marshall Ballroom
Michael Loy, Intermarkets, Inc.
Dan Nichols, ExactPolitics
Tom Keeley, FreedomWorks
Katie Pavlich,
Moderator: Jim Lakely, The Heartland Institute