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Press Release

Florida FreedomWorks Attends Townhall Meetings on Social Security


On Aug 23 Representative Adam Putnam (R) and Representative Jim Davis (D),
both from the West Central Florida area held a moderated debate on Social
Security. Emerge Tampa, a young professional association, sponsored the
event to help bring more clarity to the issue for those under 40 years of

Congressman Putnam did an outstanding job of explaining the structural and
systemic problems associated with the current system. He additionally
brought into focus, for the young professionals, the need to find a solution
to the solvency issue, not a band-aid.

Explaining the current problems while addressing the need for Personal
Accounts was a major theme for the young Congressman. He affirmed his
support for PRA's and clearly showed how several of the plans can get us
down the right path to solvency while providing the necessary individual
ownership of accounts.

Congressman Davis, ignoring his previous Hyde Park Declaration support, has
made a 180 degree turn on the issue. Davis expressed concerns over the
deficit considerations while ignoring the true long-term issues that are far
greater than the near term issues related to the budget.

Nevertheless, it was apparent to nearly all in attendance that Putnam had a
positive understanding and was well versed on the subject of PRA's and
Social Security Reform overall. It turned into a very educational program
for the attendees on the two sides demonstrated by Putnam and Davis, though
it might have been the first time anyone had actually heard a detailed
exchange on the subject from the left side of the aisle.

FreedomWorks was represented by several local volunteers, including Pam
Hill, John Hendrix, Dave Winterbauer and Tom Gaitens. The FreedomWorks
Shirts are appearing in as many Social Security functions as the Rainbow Man
in his John 3:16 shirt did at sports events in the 1980's.

Congressman Putnam was thankful of FreedomWorks participation and asked us to keep up
the heat. He feels confident that our time is now, and that our window of
opportunity is now. With a second term President and a Vice President who
likely will not seek the nomination, we have a unique opportunity to address
this issue now, before it is too late to control and contain the cost