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Press Release

Florida FreedomWorks Cheers Governor Scott and Passage of a Bold ‘Freedom Agenda’ for the Sunshine State

Tallahassee, FL- Newly-elected Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) is helping to set the pace for governors who want to be seen as limited government stalwarts that can put good ideas into law.

As the legislative session in Florida drew to a close, limited government conservatives trumpeted a host of achievements championed by Scott to include tax and spending cuts, school choice reform that expands charter schools, and public employee pension reform.  Conservative allies in the Florida House and Senate worked with Scott to move these proposals through the process and ultimately over the finish line.  While many had hoped these reforms would ultimately go further towards reigning in the heavy hand of big government, they certainly represent positive steps that will greatly benefit the state and should be applauded by Florida conservatives.

The Florida chapter of FreedomWorks, comprised of more than 53,000 members, embraced much of Governor Scott’s policy outline as a “Freedom Agenda” for the state.  Activists drove phone calls, letters, and emails into the offices of key legislators urging their support for these bold reforms.  Grassroots networks all over the state are now mobilized to further support Scott and other limited government policymakers to make continued progress towards meaningful policy change, especially in the areas of additional tax and spending cuts as well as tort reform and property insurance reform to address the bankrupt, state-run Citizens Insurance scheme.

Florida FreedomWorks Director Tom Gaitens commented, “Governor Scott won his election last November with the promise to enact serious limited government reforms for our state.  While some things got watered down during the legislative process, the governor by all accounts did a tremendous job advancing a fiscally conservative ‘Freedom Agenda.’  Florida FreedomWorks looks forward to continuing to work with the governor as well as limited government champions in the Florida Legislature on behalf of lower taxes, less government, and more freedom.”