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Press Release

A Former Member's Letter to the AARP


July 15, 2005

Mr. William D. Novelli
Executive Director
3200 East Carson Street,
Lakewood, California 90712

Dear Mr. Novelli:

Recently, I received your memo that informed me this was my final notice. Then you stated perhaps I had overlooked my recent letters reminding me to renew my AARP membership.

If you will check your records, you will see that I have been an AARP member since I was old enough. I am now 61 and nearing the time to draw social security, however due to your position on President Bush’s social security reform promoting private accounts, I cannot renew my membership. Had the private account opportunity been available when I started to work in 1964, I would be a rich woman today not to mention if I didn’t spend all the money, my heirs would inherit the remainder. Granted there must be a lock on these accounts so individuals cannot spend this money until retirement and there must be a policing of the employers to make sure this money is paid into the accounts and there must also be a government guarantee to cover the monies that bankrupt companies do not pay in that has been withheld from employees. This guarantee would be no different than the current policy because even though my employer does not pay his payroll taxes, it does not jeopardize the amount that I will be paid as social security benefits.

I urge you to stop scaring senior citizens with your propaganda about their not continuing to receive social security benefits and in addition to make sure that you let ALL citizens know the private accounts are strictly voluntary NOT mandatory.


Peggy S. Boose
Boonville, NC