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The Freedom Agenda

When the rules to the game are broken, changing the players won’t affect the result. You have to make the institutional changes; you have to change the broken rules. Washington is such a place.

Right now our national debt is over $14.3 trillion and Congress is poised yet again to raise the debt ceiling. We’ve pushed hard for the institutional changes we believe are necessary in our Cut, Cap, Balance plan, which would cut the deficit immediately, cap future federal spending and pass a Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA). It’s how we believe you can save America from Washington. 

Out of the three planks, the BBA is clearly the most long-term reform to the culture of spending. Critics say passing one for the federal government would be unrealistic yet 49 states have already found the courage to enact their own version of the BBA.

Senator Mike Lee, in his timely new book The Freedom Agenda: Why a Balanced Budget Amendment Is Necessary to Restore Constitutional Government, explains that it’s finally time for our federal government to do the same. As a special gift to FreedomWorks members, you can receive your free chapter of The Freedom Agenda by clicking here.

The Freedom Agenda

"It's no secret that the more money we give Washington, the more they spend," says Senator Lee. "The only way politicians will stop spending is if they are forced to."

In The Freedom Agenda, Sen. Lee describes the critical turning points in our history where our government chose power over principle and spending over fiscal restraint. But how would a BBA change Washington?

Lee explains that a BBA would:

Prohibit Congress from perpetual deficit spending—the kind that sinks corporations and kills countries.

Make it increasingly difficult for Congress to raise taxes and grow the national debt. Give local governments and the American people greater control and freedom to carry out localized programs more efficiently in their communities.

Restrict Congress' authority and return it to the role the Founding Fathers intended. The Founders never intended government to intrude into every corner of its citizens' lives. Yet that's exactly what has happened, leading to an explosion in government spending.

I recommend picking up The Freedom Agenda today  if you want to join the fight to put America on the long-term path to fiscal responsibility for future generations. You can buy it now by clicking here.

teda's picture
Ted Abram

Hurray for Senator Lee. Only a balance budget amendment that caps spending will control congresses and presidents.

Thank you FreedomWorks for assisting Lee's election and defeating a RINO.