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The Freedom Files 008: Steve Forbes


Steve Forbes sits down with Adam to discuss his infamous flat tax, his thoughts on President Trump's historic tax reform law, and the future of America's economy.

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Dr Don's picture
Don Crawford

Something Steve Forbes said in this podcast struck me as vitally important. He said that we should never make proposals that "take things away from people." That's a losing proposition. We should offer choices to allow people to move out of the entitlements. We know that cash is always better than vouchers, so we should always offer that--exposing the essential paternalism of left-wing "help." We know that private alternatives to government programs will provide more for less cost, so we should offer the chance to opt-out of any government program, such as Medicare or Medicaid, in exchange for cash of the same amount being spent. We know that wealthy seniors would gladly give their grandchildren the right to opt out of paying into Social Security by giving up that measly check. We know that people would opt out of Obamacare if we give them the choice and the money we would have spent on them anyway. We need to become known for fighting to give people more choices, rather than being those who want to take things away from poor people. How can this become a primary principle for our team?


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