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Press Release

FreedomWorks’ Max Pappas to Join Co-Founder Joan Blades in Panel Discussion


FreedomWorks Vice President for Public Policy Max Pappas has been invited by The Common Bond Institute to speak at the “Engaging the Other: The Power of Compassion” conference where he will take part in a panel discussion entitled “Building Cooperation Across Political Divides” in San Francisco, CA on November 14.  This event seeks to “deepen listening and respect among those who hold conflicting political ideologies.”  FreedomWorks is excited to have one of its own participate in an honest dialogue about the problems that face our nation. 

At 2pm, Pappas will join with representatives from other organizations in an effort to break the boundaries set by the modern political climate.  Other panelists include Joan Blades, Co-Founder of, Michael Ostrolenk of The Liberty Coalition, and Amanda Kathryn (Hydro) Roman of the Citizens in Charge Foundation. 

As the American political atmosphere becomes increasingly polarized, the opportunity for rational dialogue between competing ideologies shrinks.  By agreeing to engage in a civilized policy discussion, the members of this panel hope to take the first steps toward reversing this trend.

“While conflicting visions of human nature lead to differing opinions on what public policy will result in the best outcomes—and to differing opinions on what outcomes are best—it is important for sometimes-adversaries to get together to see exactly what it is they are disagreeing about and where there is common interest,” said Max Pappas Vice President for Public Policy at FreedomWorks.  “Too often we are arguing past each other, not addressing each other’s true concerns.  I look forward to having a thoughtful discussion with others at this conference about our shared desire to help America realize its potential and how we might work together to do so.”