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Press Release

FreedomWorks ‘Key-Votes’ H.R. 5684, the US-Oman Free Trade Implementation Act

Dear Representative,

On behalf of more than 800,000 FreedomWorks members nationwide, I write to urge you to support H.R. 5684, the US-Oman Free Trade Implementation Act. As you may know, this important legislation received bi-partisan support and was easily passed with a 60-34 vote by your colleagues in the Senate. FreedomWorks urges you to follow suit and pass this legislation which is another step toward allowing Americans to buy and sell goods freely around the world.

This legislation moves the United States closer to the goal of creating a region-wide Middle East free trade area by 2013. An agreement with Oman would mark the fifth such nation in the Middle East with open trade ties to the United States. In an increasingly competitive global economy, the United States must be pro-active in its pursuit of free trade allies to keep American consumers and companies economically ahead of our competitors in Europe and Asia.

All consumers benefit from free trade. Tariffs are just another tax, so lowering tariff barriers lowers the cost of goods, increasing the purchasing power of everyone, but most noticeably the least well off among us. This agreement will also be beneficial to both large and small American businesses by eliminating all tariffs on industrial and consumer products. By freeing this already broad market, the US will be able to expand upon our $1.1 billion trade figure with Oman from 2005.

Passage of this agreement is a sign of the United States’ commitment to free trade and a more open economy. FreedomWorks will count your vote on H.R. 5684 as a KEY VOTE when calculating the FreedomWorks Economic Scorecard. The FreedomWorks Economic Scorecard is used to determine eligibility for the Jefferson Award, which recognizes Representatives with voting records that support economic freedom.


Matt Kibbe
President and CEO