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Press Release

FreedomWorks and the Contract from America Foundation React to the Launch of the GOP “Pledge to America”

WASHINGTON, DC – FreedomWorks stands with the Contract from America Foundation in making the following announcement today regarding the newly released Republican “Pledge to America,” which bears many similarities to the grassroots-generated “Contract from America”:


“We are pleased that the Republicans were so heavily influenced by the message of the grassroots Contract from America that their ‘Pledge to America’ includes many of our Contract’s planks, including the top-voted idea to ‘Protect the Constitution’ by requiring every bill to cite Constitutional authority, rejection of Cap and Trade, the imposition of meaningful spending limits, repeal of government-run health care, and extension of the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts.

“We are also pleased that they so admired the Contract’s model of allowing for real citizen input that they created their own website, America Speaking Out, to approximate the same function. This is evidence that Republicans are beginning to listen to the millions of ordinary Americans that are fed up with Washington’s ways.”


The Contract from America is not a list handed down from on high by old-bull politicians. After garnering nearly half a million votes in less than two months, the Contract from America is an authentic grassroots document expressing what a majority of Americans want for their future. 

FreedomWorks strongly supports the ten ideas voted into the Contract, which advocate fundamental tax reform, fiscal responsibility and limited government.

“We are proud of our FreedomWorks members for getting so involved with the Contract from America,” commented FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe. “This is a document created by the people, for the people that sends a clear message to Washington: We want less.”

Over 300 candidates have signed the Contract from America, including Senators DeMint and Coburn, Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Representative Michele Bachmann, and Senate candidates Mike Lee, Marco Rubio, Sharron Angle, Joe Miller, Jerry Moran, Dino Rossi, Ron Johnson, John Boozman, Kelly Ayotte, and John Raese.

“The ‘Pledge to America’ is a great first step in the campaign for limited government and fiscally sound economic policy,” added Ryan Hecker, organizer of the Contract from America. “However, Republican Congressmen, Senators, and candidates should continue to sign the Contract from America, which boldly tackles the challenges of fundamental tax reform, passage of a balanced budget amendment with a supermajority requirement for any tax hike, and real earmark reform. “

For more information about FreedomWorks or the Contract from America, please contact Adam Brandon at (202) 942-7698 or visit the website,