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Press Release

FreedomWorks Announces I Am an Entrepreneur competition winners

Thank you for all the wonderful entrees to our I Am an Entrepreneur competition.  As entrepreneurs, you had the courage and passion to take an idea and make it reality either through video or the written word and we appreciate you sharing your experiences and celebrating the spirit of the entrepreneur with us.  The entrees were exceptional and the innovation displayed through the stories, the creation of the videos, or the writing was truly impressive.  We had many great entrees and it was extremely difficult to choose among the excellent videos and essays.  Thank you all for the pleasure of reviewing your entrees.

We are very pleased to announce our top three winners and the seven runners up in both the video and essay categories, and hope you will read and watch them and share them with your friends and family:


Grand Prize Winner: Dr. Stephen Hicks, Cultivator of the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Second Place: From pecans to politics, an entrepreneurial journey

Third Place: The Entrepreneurial Spirit


Grand Prize WinnerThe Entrepreneurial Legacy of my Fathers by D. Knight

Second PlaceWhy I am an Entrepreneur by Justin Bibb

Third PlaceCollege e-Trade by Spencer Johnson



Runners-up Essays (in alphabetical order by title):

Art Avidesian

Born From, and Raised in, Entrepreneurship

Following the American Tradition of Entrepreneurism In Publishing

Getting Back to Basics

I am an Entrepreneur

My Son is an Entrepreneur

The story of Davis Jackson, CPA


Runners-up Videos (in alphabetical order by title):

A Journey Inside Hope… by Jared McKinney

Fantom Comics by Matt Klokel

H and R Block by Bloch By Jared Cicon

Progressive Cycle by Brian Keith Miller

Tyres—A Simple Story About Entrepreneurship by Carlos Domingomes