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Press Release

FreedomWorks Applauds No More Bailouts Resolution


FreedomWorks supports Rep. Todd Tiahrt’s (KS-4) No More Bailouts Resolution calling on Congress to stop spending billions of borrowed taxpayer funds.  Starting with opposing last year’s mortgage bailout, FreedomWorks has consistently opposed these wasteful plans and applauds Rep. Tiahrt for taking a stand on behalf of taxpayers and the free market.

Bailouts to homeowners, mortgage lenders, banks, automakers, and various companies have failed to save those institutions or rescue the economy from its ongoing slide.  Instead, taxpayer dollars have been funneled to failing institutions that have continued to flounder despite promises that more money will be able to save them.  This has prevented the free market from working and rewarded those who made poor decisions.

Rep. Tiahrt’s No More Bailouts Resolution draws an important line in the sand and will help protect taxpayers from increasing debt on behalf of private companies.

FreedomWorks’ President Matt Kibbe commented, “It’s clear that the American people are fed up with these programs and tired of throwing good money after bad.  Thousands have signed petitions opposing bailouts and now activists are taking the streets in taxpayer tea parties across the country.  Rep. Tiahrt has it right – no more bailouts.”