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Press Release

FreedomWorks Attends South Carolina GOP Convention


This past weekend FreedomWorks attended the South Carolina Republican Party convention in Columbia. We had a successful day signing up more than 100 new activists and building closer ties with Governor Mark Sanford, Senator Jim DeMint and Representative Joe Wilson (R-2nd-SC).   We set up a booth outside the main speaking room and handed out copies of Frederic Bastiat's book The Law. We gave out lots of issue palm cards, studies and one-page talking points to passersby, including information on energy, entitlements, taxes, spending, the mortgage bailout and health care. FreedomWorks activist Tom Raub, from Myrtle Beach, was able to talk to Senator Lindsey Graham about our Angry Renter petition. Senator Graham didn't sign the petition, but we made him aware of our effort to defeat the mortgage bailout, from which we have gained thousands of new members.

You can watch the video of Tom asking him to sign the petition here.   FreedomWorks ended the convention on an extremely positive note, with one of our volunteers, Glenn McCall, winning a slot as National Committeeman from South Carolina to the Republican National Committee. McCall has been an active member in FreedomWorks from York County, and we were quite happy to see him take the message of limited government to the folks at the RNC.

FreedomWorks Attends South Carolina GOP Convention

FreedomWorks Attends South Carolina GOP Convention