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Press Release

FreedomWorks at California State GOP Convention in San Jose



p>The kickoff for the State elections both in June and November has officially begun. Candidates for all offices are rolling out their campaigns with appearances and speeches at the event. Campaign season is an opportunity for FreedomWorks to bring our issues to the debate in a non-partisan way.

Lt. Governor Candidate Tom McClintock with
FreedomWorks Field Coordinator Matt Schumsky

Friday night’s big launch was the speech by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announcing his campaign for 2006 and there plan to make it the first time in California that a Governor and Lieutenant Governor candidate, Tom McClintock, will team together for the election.

This is good news for the FreedomWorks agenda. After the defeat of the anti-union propositions last year, Governor Schwarzenegger disappointed a lot of limited government conservatives in the state by hiring a Gray Davis administration liberal, Susan Kennedy (no relation), to be his Chief of Staff. Since then, the Governor has decided to spend billions of dollars in a bond issue, and has appointed liberal Judges throughout the state in very conservative counties.

Now, the good news for FreedomWorks. Tom McClintock is considered one of the most fiscally conservative leaders in the state. With Tom on the ticket it will help reassure many of the original supporters of Arnold that he hasn’t “left” the free market, limited government movement just yet.

FreedomWorks had activists spreading the word about the Freedom agenda with booklets, bumper stickers and t-shirts. Candidates were asked questions by FreedomWorks Field Coordinator Matt Schumsky on the key issues of the Freedom Agenda.