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Press Release

FreedomWorks Center for Global Economic Growth Hosts Int'l Grassroots Training Conference


(Washington, DC) Last week, FreedomWorks’ Center for Global Economic Growth hosted an intensive grassroots activist training seminar for 15 of Western Europe’s top economic freedom fighters. Attending this conference were the Hayek Institute from Austria, the Liberté Chérie from France, the Institute for Free Enterprise from Germany, and the TaxPayers’ Alliance from Great Britain.

The heads of these organizations were in town to learn effective grassroots education and mobilization tactics from the experts at FreedomWorks. For three days (May 31st – June 2nd, 2006), FreedomWorks staff provided an intense program filled with technical expertise on variety of topics including successful on-the-ground grassroots tactics, growing on-line activism, effective media strategies, and institution building.

The Campaign Director of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, James Frayne, stated that the grassroots tactics that he learned from the conference “would be very useful to his organization back home in Britain.” Barbara Kolm-Lamprechter, Secretary General of the Hayek Institute, also complimented the conference, “Thank you for hosting this…. The presentations were well planned and to the point. In Europe, a conference with this much information would have taken twice as long to deliver.”

The principal mission of Freedomworks’ Center for Global Economic Growth (CGEG) is to work with public policy organizations which advocate free markets and limited government, and to assist them in developing citizen action groups to promote policies that will foster economic growth and opportunity.