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FreedomWorks Chief Economist Wayne Brough Ph.D. discusses Cap and Trade with Tea Party activist in Worcester, MA

On Tuesday night, the Worcester Tea Party (WTP) coordinated with local college students to hold a viewing of the film Not Evil Just Wrong at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA.  Before the film began, FreedomWorks Chief Economist and Vice President of Research Wayne Brough, Ph.D. gave a presentation on dangers of Cap and Trade.  After addressing the crowd of approximately 150 local activists, Dr. Brough fielded questions from the audience.  When the film had ended, Dr. Brough once again took to the stage to answer questions.

Brough later stated:

Cap and Trade is a complex issue.  People have real questions and concerns.  I'm happy that the Worcester Tea Party is taking the time to address this serious subject.  It is vitally important that Americans understand the threat that some of the policies coming out of the White House and Congress pose to our nation's economy.

On the whole, the night was a major success.  The viewing drew a larger crowd than was originally anticipated and activists left with a deeper understanding of the Cap and Trade legislation being debated in Washington. 

After the event, Worcester Tea Party President Ken Mandile said:

I was very happy with the turnout.  I didn't know what to expect because this was the first time that we held an event like this but after tonight, we certainly plan to host more in the future. 

We appreciated the assistance that FreedomWorks and Dr. Brough provided.  He really engaged the audience.

In addition to speaking at the event, Dr. Brough provided activists with the FreedomWorks Top 10 Reasons to Oppose Cap and Trade as well as information on The Murkowski Resolution which aims to keep the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from circumventing the congressional process.



dr b1

Dr. Brough with WTP t-shirt

dr b2

Dr. Brough speaking with local activists before the film

dr. b3

Dr. Brough's presentation

dr b4

Dr. Brough with WTP President Ken Mandile