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FreedomWorks Comments on Events in Charlottesville

FreedomWorks President Adam Brandon made the following statement on events in Charlottesville, Virginia:

"The images that have come out of Charlottesville today are horrifying. There has never been and never will be room for white nationalism in the conservative movement. This radical, collectivist, and thoughtless ideology belongs on the ash heap of history. Full stop. The conservative vision is an America that is open to all colors and creeds. We believe in individual liberty, strong families, and close-knit communities. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of today's senseless violence and we pray for national healing."

airolaja's picture

We also have to call out the people on the left that do the same thing... violent protests, stopping free speech, hate speech, killing babies, etc.

President Trump was exactly correct in saying the left is also to blame for the violence at Charlottesville. WE MUST HAVE REPUBLICANS THAT SUPPORT THE PRESIDENT AND NOT GET ON THE REELECTION BAND WAGON TO CALL OUT TRUMP ON HIS STATEMENTS!!!!!!!