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Press Release

FreedomWorks Delivers Flowers, Thanks to Rep. Paul Ryan

FreedomWorks members last week visited the Washington, D.C. office or Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan to deliver flowers and a "thank you" from taxpayers across the country. Rep. Ryan is the sponsor of the Line-Item Veto, a budget reform that passed the U.S. House late Thursday by a vote of 247-172. Over the last two weeks, FreedomWorks activists generated over 1,400 calls, letters, emails, and personal visits into targeted congressional offices. Thanks to everyone who took action this week-- this pressure was integral to the bill’s passage and the FreedomWorks campaign will now move to target the Senate.

After watching discretionary spending by Congress increase by 49 percent in just three years, it is obvious Washington has a spending problem. The Line-Item Veto will be an effective tool for calling out spending projects that benefit the well-connected few at the expense of the many.
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